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      Gallery Prints

      Gallery Prints

      Only the best for your photos

      from € 39.99*

      • UV direct printing on acrylic glass with aluminum base
      • Different wall mounting options
      • Large number formats

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        Gallery Prints

        The finest way to present your photos

        Product description

        Product description

        First, your photo is printed by UV direct printing behind 4 mm thick acrylic glass. It is then sealed with a 3 mm thick aluminum Dibondplatte. This gives it the brilliance and depth of the acrylic glass, combined with the stability of aluminum prints. You get a fine and high quality product that will last a lifetime.

        Choose your suitable image size, classic in the famous photo or for example in panorama format. If you want to combine but once multiple formats.

        When wall mounting, we offer various suspensions. Take for example, the variation in the form of a rear-mounted rail system. Alternatively, you can also choose a wall mount that is screwed into the four corners of the subject, so is visible. The holes in the picture, we take care of before.

        Product information

        Product information

        Photo motif printed directly behind 4 mm thick acrylic glass.

        On the back sealed with 3 mm thick aluminum.

        Size overview

        Choose from our wide variety of formats.

        2:3 Format

        Format 2:3
        vertical divider


        The classic 2:3 format is suitable, for example, very good for family portraits or wedding photos.


        Size Recommended Resolution
        in cm in MPx in pixels
        20 x 30 1.6 1050 x 1560
        30 x 45 3.5 1560 x 2320
        40 x 60 6.1 1050 x 3080
        50 x 75 7.7 1050 x 3460
        60 x 90 8.7 2470 x 3680
        80 x 120 8.6 2460 x 3680
        100 x 150 9.4 2560 x 3830

        3:4 Format

        Format 3:4
        vertical divider


        Also suitable for wedding photos and group shots, as by their own family: the classic 3:4 format.


        Size Recommended Resolution
        in cm in MPx in pixels
        30 x 40 3.1 1560 x 2060
        45 x 60 6.8 2320 x 3080
        60 x 80 7.7 2470 x 3280
        90 x 120 6.7 2300 x 3070

        Square Format

        Square Format
        vertical divider


        You like still life and animal or flower photos? Then the square format is ideal.


        Size Recommended Resolution
        in cm in MPx in pixels
        30 x 30 2.3 1560 x 1560
        40 x 40 4.0 2060 x 2060
        50 x 50 6.3 2570 x 2570
        60 x 60 7.4 2780 x 2780
        70 x 70 7.9 2870 x 2870
        80 x 80 7.9 2870 x 2870
        90 x 90 7.3 2760 x 2760
        100 x 100 9.0 3070 x 3070

        1:3 Panorama Format

        1 : 3 - Panoramaformat
        vertical divider


        With the panoramic format type mainly landscapes and broad-based scenarios, a special face.


        Size Recommended Resolution
        in cm in MPx in pixels
        20 x 60 3.1 1050 x 3080
        30 x 90 6.8 1560 x 4600
        40 x 120 4.4 1240 x 3680
        50 x 150 4.7 1290 x 3830

        Other Formats

        Traditionally popular formats of picture frames with deviating from the other categories pages ratios.
        vertical divider


        Frame formats are especially useful for partner, family or holiday photos.


        Size Recommended Resolution
        in cm in MPx in pixels
        40 x 50 5.0 2060 x 2570
        50 x 60 7.5 2570 x 3080
        50 x 70 7.1 2320 x 3230
        70 x 100 6.3 2160 x 3070
        80 x 100 7.2 2460 x 3070

        Wall Brackets - sturdy and lightweight

        With the right system you can attach your photo safe and stable on any wall

        Bolt System

        Bolt System

        With our wall bolts the image to the four corners is fixed with special screws. These are led from the front with the image so that the screw heads are visible. The distance to the wall is about 20 mm. The holes we take for you before.

        Info: Bolted wall mount set of 4, holes pre-drilled for mounting factory, available for the products photo on Alu-Dibond, Desktop Acrylic (Direct Print), gallery print, foam board.

        Rail System

        Rail System

        The classic version in the form of a rear-mounted rail system, which often comes in galleries used. The wall distance is about 10 mm and the image appears to float in front of the wall, as this wall mount when viewing the motive is not visible.

        Info: rail system, available for the products photo on Dibond aluminum (direct printing), gallery print, foam board.

        Mirror Plates System

        Mirror Plates System

        The self-adhesive mirror sheets are glued at the back hidden, and ensure that your image is optically levitating presented at a distance of about 10 mm on your wall. Foam spacers from the same distance from the wall on the lower side of your graphic.

        Info: Mirror plates for smaller formats, available for the products Dibond aluminum (direct printing and photo printing), Desktop Acrylic (photo), gallery print, foam board.

        All wall mount systems at a glance

        All wall mount systems at a glance

        Here you can see how the wall brackets are attached to the photos again.

        The easy and quick installation is easy and without any major damage to the wall.

        There are no visible parts, and your picture is attached particularly safe. The image floats in front of the wall.

        Multi Panel

        Make more of your photos!

        Product description

        Product description

        With our multi panel wall art you can easily create customized and personalized works of art. Your photo extends over several items, such as in a triptych on three screens.

        We offer a wide range of possibilities. More dividers are available for various materials from our range and wall decoration in many format combinations with two, three or four parts. You choose only for a photo or select a piece of art from the Design Gallery and your favorite miniseries is finished.

        The individual parts hang then with 3 cm distance from each other in order to emphasize the special character.

        Feel free to experiment a little. You will see how classy you want in your photo with the appropriate division!

        All multi panel sizes at a glance!

        All multi panel sizes at a glance!

        Customise your images as a multi panel masterpiece in the following products: canvas prints, XXL posters, foam board prints, aluminum prints, acrylic prints and gallery prints.

        Design Gallery

        Great opportunities for your own personal wall decoration

        Product description

        Product description

        Go on a discovery tour of our design worlds! Create with our huge selection of professional recording your personal work of art! Whether fabulous beaches, elaborate cityscapes or cute animals - you will find something nice.

        You decide what motive do you like best and we produce your individual wall decoration.

        You have many designs to choose from, you can clearly Browse by theme. There is always something new to discover - so worth it, often look in on us! Of course, you can also use your own photo - you have the choice!

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